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We offer a diverse selection of items, from our signature wholesome vegetarian specialties to our fresh, hand-cut fries and juicy 1/3lb angus burgers.  We also offer a complete breakfast menu, organic iced teas and festival-famous fresh fruit smoothies (made with real fruit!)

Healthy Eating at Bonnaroo


I never meant to have a health food day at Bonnaroo, but after taking down gourmet pizza and hot dogs, I really just wanted the crunch of carrots between my teeth. And so that’s what I found at Planet Roo Cafe in a breakfast burrito of scrambled eggs and salsa made of shaved carrot, corn and hunks of tomato.

It felt good to start the day right, so I spent the rest of Friday seeking out good-for-you options that keep it both interesting and tasty.Planet Roo Cafe owner Donald Remaniak has a menu with the Benevolent Burrito of black beans, sweet potato, house-made salsa and wheat tortilla, as well as vegetarian Stir Fry with tofu. He has a home base in Middlebury, Vt., but he travels to festivals May through October.  Planet Roo Café is one of many restaurants he sets up on the road under the umbrella name of Crescent Foods. It all began for the cyclist, who once cooked at races, when a friend suggested he set up to cook at a Phish show.  “I did it because it fit my lifestyle,” he said of the healthy menu.  He’s been coming to Bonnaroo for five years now, and he says that while sales start out slow at festivals, they pick up as they days roll on – maybe because, like me, people crave a break from the fatty, fried and meat-heavy foods.  After my breakfast burrito, I hydrated with fresh coconut water. Green coconuts can be found at stands where attendants will crack them open and slide in a straw for sucking down nature’s Gatorade loaded with electrolytes.  I considered a lunch of Gypsy Queen Cuisine food truck for a plate of chilled tabhouli made of parsley, scallion, mint, tomato, olive oil and lemon juice. But when I saw the long line, I decided on a simple black bean quesadilla with fresh salsa. I had a mid-afternoon snack of smoothie made with blueberries, banana and ice. And then for dinner, I had the best meal I’ve found yet at the festival : The Funky Farmer from the Roti Rolls food truck. The fresh-made Indian flatbread held together a mix of curried vegetables like squash, lima beans, greens and rice and topped with a kick of kimchi.  Remaniak has seen his annual sales go up 15 to 20 percent each year partly because he’s building a return clientele. But it’s no easy life.  As soon as the last show is over, he’ll pull out of town with his three refrigerated trailers and gear.  “We set up a whole restaurant,” he said. “A whole new restaurant every week.”


- Jennifer Justus



Article From: The Tennessean

The Good Ol' Days

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